6 More Things Wrong with The Last Jedi

After my prescient and thorough deconstruction of The Last Jedi, I’ve been inundated with emails, requesting that I continue my analysis.

No problem!   I had more issues with the movie beyond the original six I highlighted.   So, here are Six More Things Wrong with The Last Jedi

As always, spoilers ahead

7. CG… why?

One of the most visually impressive sequences in the movie is the final Last Order attack against the beleaguered rebel base.

Last Jedi Attack.jpg
Look how pissed off that one AT AT is

It’s a breathtaking sequence, highlighted with vibrant splashes of red that make it a visually compelling spectacle of film making.

Wait though – what if I told you the whole thing was done in CGI?

For those of you who haven’t heard of this, apparently some film makers are using this new technology called “Computer Graphics Images”.  The whole thing was done on computer!

Color me ripped off.

Unlike masters of the craft like Spielberg, Nolan or Bay, the makers of this movie took the easy way out.  Rather than constructing an enormous wall into the side of a mountain, building real twelve hundred foot tall robot attack dogs and filming in the remote salt deserts of Canada,  they opted to make the whole thing from computers.  It’s sloppy and it really shows in the final scene.

8. Wrong Hand Luke

One of the more satisfying elements of the movie is seeing Mark Hamill take on the Luke character again.  It’s been 40 years in the making, and boy oh boy, was it ever worth the wait.

However, I guess the director forgot a couple things in that time, like, which hand Luke lost in Empire Strikes Back.

Check it out.  In this movie, we clearly see that it’s his right hand that’s robotic.

Last Jedi Luke

Guess what though?  That’s not the hand he lost in Empire, he actually lost his left hand as shown in the screen shot below:

luke skywalker hand.jpg

Maybe they thought we wouldn’t notice?  It wasn’t a big deal, but it was sloppy.

9. Why does Poe have Darth Vader’s Breathing Panel?

This is pretty self explanatory.  Anytime Poe Dameron is on screen and wearing his rebel uniform, he is shown wearing Darth Vader’s chest panel.


Apparently if you read the novelization, there’s a whole side story about how Poe spent a lot of time on eBay, refreshing his bid over and over again, until he was final able to buy Darth’s chest panel.  He’s supposed to be some kind of Vader fetishist, and all of his paychecks from the rebellion go to Darth Vader memorabilia.

I found it pretty distracting.

10.  They Ruined Yoda

Listen, I get it.  With Frank Oz no longer with us, it was always going to be tough to find someone who could step into his place and bring life to Yoda’s iconic voice.  I didn’t expect it to be perfect, but I really have issue with who they picked.


Was there literally no one else they could pick other than Roseanne Barr?  I mean, no one?  Any joy associated with seeing Yoda on screen was ruined by the continuous screeching of Roseanne trying to nail his voice.  It sounded horrible and really detracted from the scenes.

11. What did they do to Finn?

Okay, this one really confused me.  I understand that some time passed between The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, but they completely changed Finn’s character.   The first time he showed up on screen, I could hardly tell it was him:

Last Jedi Finn.jpg
Is that some kind of Force hand?

Obviously they needed to patch him up after his spine was lightsabered at the end of the first movie, but did they need to rebuild him to be an entirely mechanical-human hybrid monster?  He’s more machine than man now, all twisted and e…. ohh.  OHHH.

Never mind, I think I see where they’re going with this.

12.  Kylo Ren’s face

It’s well known that between Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back, the actor Mark Hamill got in a car accident and needed reconstructive surgery on his face.  It really changed how the actor looked and that’s why Lucas added the Snow Monster scene in Empire.  He needed to explain how Luke’s face changed so dramatically.

Well, I wish they did something similar for this movie, because check it out:

This is a slap in the face.

There is zero narrative explanation for where that scar came from.  None whatsoever.  The movie starts and there it is.  Now, for anyone who follows Star Wars news, we all know that the actual actor, Adam Driver, got a botched Tribal tattoo between movies, but come on guys.  Can’t you work that into the screenplay or something?

So there you go.  Six more things wrong with The Last Jedi.  Don’t let these nitpicks dissuade you from seeing it though, it’s still a worthwhile movie, even though they let a lot of sloppiness slip through the cracks.

Can you think of any others?  Let me know in the comments.

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