avengers infinity war trailer breakdown

Avengers Infinity War Trailer Breakdown

Avengers: Infinity War- Trailer Breakdown! It’s finally here!  The second trailer for Infinity War has dropped and the Marvel team hasn’t disappointed.  There’s a lot of new information to break down in the trailer, so let’s get right to it.

Black Panther is wearing purple

Avengers 1

One of the more common criticisms of Black Panther centered on how infrequently Chadwick Boseman appeared wearing purple.  But he looks great in purple!  So why wouldn’t he wear it more often?

I’m glad to see Marvel has corrected this oversight, and hopefully it will all be “Purple Panther” from here on.

Also, in the background you can make out Mark Ruffalo clutching himself.  He’s probably cold.

I don’t know who that is shaking hands with Purple Panther.  Some new bearded hero?  The Beardo Hero?

The homages to Phantom Menace continue

avengers 7

Kevin Feige, the leader of Marvel, has been very public about his belief that Phantom Menace is the greatest movie of all time.  It’s rare that one of his movies wouldn’t include some homage to that film.

Looks like Infinity War is no different and it looks like they’ve done a shot-for-shot remake of the famous Gungan Shit Battle from the end of Phantom Menace

gungan battle2.jpg


Pinface is in the movie.

avengers 8

In the image above, Dr. Weird is in a bit of a bind.  Looks like he’s opened up a Hellcube and now has to deal with Pinface and the rest of the gang from the Hellraiser movies.  Yep, it’s the classic Pinface “face-rip” that we first saw in Hellraiser


I’m interested to see how Kevin Feige and the gang will incorporate the Hellraiser mythology into the rest of the Marvel world.

Hello…. rushed product much?

avengers 9

Not many people caught this “blink and you’ll miss it” frame.  I’m surprised it got through, but the above picture is an unedited shot of Mark Ruffalo when he’s not wearing makeup.   Sure, you throw some foundation and a touch of eyeliner on and all of a sudden he’s the good-looking, goofy scientist we all know and love.

Without make up he a grotesque purple monster.  Sorry Mark!  We love you but you’re gross!

The Sideburns have it

avengers infinity war trailer breakdown

In this scene, Chris Pine’s sideburns are noticeably longer than in the last GoTG movie.  I mean, look at those fucking things.  They go half way down his face.  How much time does he spend grooming them?

In the above scene, he’s no doubt lecturing Iron Downey Jr. on his small, shitty sideburns and you can see Iron Downey is having none of it.

Can’t wait to see how this confrontation plays out in the movie!

Thor: God of STEALING


Thor apparently stole Dr. Weird’s cape.

Mystery Hero is doing something

Avengers hero.jpg

Here’s another shot of Beardo Hero.  I don’t know who this is, but I’m excited to find out. I don’t remember any Marvel characters having a beard.

In this shot it looks like he’s playing a video game on the latest Wii U controller and he’s super into it.  Nintendo is well known for pushing the boundaries of what a controller can look like, and this one seems to be a giant gold square with only two input buttons.

There are a lot of cross-promotional ties in this movie, it seems.  Too many?

She Hulk!!!

She Hulk.png

Holy shit guys!  SHE HULK IS IN THE MOVIE.

You heard it here first.  There were always rumors she’d have a cameo and now we finally have it confirmed.  She-fucking-hulk is in Infinity War.

I’m so jacked.

Okay, now I’m confused

Iron Man in Avengers: Infinity War
Iron Man in the avengers infinity war trailer breakdown

This might be one too many crossovers.  Why is Reinhardt from the Overwatch video game in this movie?


This is starting to make very little sense.  Between Pin Face, Star Wars, Nintendo and now this, there might be too many corporate tie ins.


So there you have it gang.  Anything you think I missed?  Despite the confusing imagery, new characters and multiple marketing cross overs to other intellectual properties, I’m pretty pumped up for this!

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