Writing Advice: Link Roundup 05/12/2018

Hi everyone,

Recharge your writing with these great, informative articles by fellow WordPress Bloggers

1. How to write active description

Active Description

2. The cornerstones of great characterization

The 5 Cornerstones of Characterization

3. Three great ways to grow as a writer

The Writing Life: Three Great Ways To Grow As A Writer

4. How to start writing when you don’t know what to write about?

Here’s a Trick to Help You Start Writing When You Don’t Know What to Write About

5. Tips on defeating writers block

Writing Quick Tips: How To Defeat Writer’s Block

6.  Five Tips on writing your book

I’m an underwriter (and so can you)!

7. Why you should print your work in progress.

5 Reasons to Print Out Your Work In Progress

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