Feelings only writers will understand

Writers are an odd bunch and writing is an odd hobby.   Tons of ups and downs along the way, but here’s some experiences that only other writers will understand

That feeling you get when:

  • Your characters disagree with you and find a way to live when you’re trying to kill them


  • You are having an otherwise fine day when you receive a rejection from a submission six months ago that you don’t remember sending out


  • You agonize for 35 minutes over the perfect word (personal aside: I once had a ½ debate with my wife about whether a character would refer to a guy as “cute”)


  • Your writing takes you in a completely unexpected direction that wasn’t in any outline and it’s fucking awesome


  • You get ten positive comments which you promptly forget, but then spend three weeks agonizing over the one negative


  • A piece you banged out in ½ hour gets accepted / accolades / positive response


  • A piece you spent two years of your life on gets soundly ignored / rejected


  • You break the halfway mark on your work in progress


  • You finally type “The End”


  • You start off writing a story about one thing and about halfway through realize there’s not a single shred of your original idea left


  • You cheat on your main, work-in-progress story by writing a quick, one-off, short story


  • Someone asks you “oh you’re a writer” and you vacillate “oh, not really.  It’s a dumb hobby.  It’s nothing serious.  I’m not a real writer”


  • You read horrible, bitter, angry articles like this


  • Your mom says nice things about your writing 🙂



  • The creeping horror associated with anyone ever, EVER, seeing your google search history


Are there any writer feelings I missed?  Let me know in the comments!


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