Removing redundancies from your writing

This is a really easy article today, gang. Do a ctrl+f on your manuscript for these terms and kill these redundencies

What are redundancies?

They are phrases where you have put two words together that mean the same thing.  The second word provides no value.  For example, “added bonus”.  A bonus is already a word that means “something welcome and often unexpected that accompanies and enhances”.   As in, it already means “added”.

If you’re not sure whether your phrase is redundant, try this trick.  Put the opposite word in.  Does the phrase still make any sense?  If the answer is “no”, the phrase is redundant.  For example, “decreased bonus”.

Here’s the most common ones you’ll find.

Common redundancies to remove from your writing

critically important >> important or critical.  Pick
end result >> result
join together >> join
past experience >> experience
close proximity >> proximity
exploded outwards >> exploded
still continued >> continued
stood up >> stood
sat down >> sat
unexpected surprise >> surprise
plan ahead >> plan
final outcome >> outcome
actual fact >> fact
major breakthrough >> breakthrough
still remains >> remains

Well, la de da, aren’t you Mr. Perfect.

No, this is Mr. Perfect.

mr perfect.jpg

But, for fun, I checked my in-flight manuscript for these phrases.  Here’s how I did:

critically important: 0 instances
end result: 0 instances
join together: 0 instances
past experience: 0 instances
close proximity: 0 instances
exploded outwards: 0 instances
still continued: 0 instances
stood up: 13 fucking times! What the hell!
sat down: 6 times! Shit!
unexpected surprise: 0 instances
plan ahead: 0 instances
final outcome: 0 instances
actual fact: 0 instances
major breakthrough: 0 instances
still remains: 0 instances

Stand up / sit down remain my nemesis.

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