Fiction Flashback: Microserfs

Start your week off with older titles that deserve a second look


by Douglas Coupland

I know I promised not to overdo it on Douglas Coupland, but he’s just so brilliant.  His books tend to fall into two categories: soul-crushing musings on the condition of lonliness or hilarious musings on society.

This falls into the second category


What’s it about?

Against a seattle backdrop of software, corporate coltishness and the financial terror of San Francisco and Silicon Valley tech start-ups, a handful of misfit Microsoft employees “stick a piece of dynamite inside themselves, like a cartoon cat, in the hopes that when they reassemble their exploded pieces they will be somebody different.” Told through the online journal of a 26-year-old aspiring code writer, danielu@microsoft, Coupland gives readers an intimate, deadly accurate and profoundly comical view of a way of life that defined the 90s-and quickly established the basis for a new electronic order. As Daniel and his gang of maladjusted drones fight to find life beyond “the Campus” and Star Trek reruns, they embark on an engaging, if awkward, scramble toward love and success in a brave new world.

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