Best Hallway Fight Scenes

Over the past couple years, Hollywood has been in love with the hallway fight scene, and why not? The setting makes for tense, claustrophobic hand to hand action.

Below are the best hallway fight scenes. Did I miss any?

#1. The Raid: Redemption

This is everything a good hallway fight scene should be.  For starters, it takes place in a hallway.

#2. Atomic Blonde

So technically, this takes place in a stairwell more than a hallway, but I think the aesthetic is still the same.  It’s all about close quarters punching.

#3. Daredevil

The clip is literally called “Hallway Fight Scene” so you know it’s going to take place in a hallway and you know there’s probably going to be a fight.


#4 Step Brothers

Okay, so this mostly takes place in a house BUT houses contain hallways, so I’m giving it partial points.


#5. Oldboy

It’s safe to say that this movie was the original hallway fight scene.  It’s a perfect single take and it goes on and on through brutal, hammer-swinging violence.

#5. Inception

Usually if I’m making a list of “best of” anything, I’m going to find a way to shoehorn Inception in.

#6. Rogue One

This is the single greatest scene Disney has created since they bought the franchise.

They could make a movie called “Four fucking hours of Darth Vader killing shit in a hallway” and it would make billions of dollars.

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