10 More Musical Writing Prompts

When I’m not writing, I’m thinking about writing.  One thing that gets me in the creative mood is listening to music and thinking about what the lyrics are trying to say.  Music is so wonderfully subjective, ten people can listen to the same song and take away a different meaning.

Here are ten snippets of lyrics from songs that make my imagination explode.  Hopefully they work for you.  If nothing else, they are kick ass songs.

1. Sun in an Empty Room – The Weakerthans

Take this moment to decide
If we meant it, if we tried

2. Lukewarm – Plushgun

You say it’s lukewarm, I’m standing in fire

3. Write it on your heart – Bad Bad Hats

Spare me your love 
I don’t deserve anything 
That’s how you made me feel 
Traded me for a stranger, baby 
Spare me your love 
Cause maybe you’re a stranger to me too 

4. Coast of Carolina – Telekinesis

Woke up in another lifetime
It’s a shame it’s just not right now

5. Go! Santigold

People want my power
and they want my station

6. Country Feedback – R.E.M.

You come to me with excuses,
decked out in a row
you wear me out

7.  Shake it Out – Florence & The Machine

I am done with my graceless heart, so tonight I’m going to cut it out and then restart

8. City with no Children – Arcade Fire

I feel like I’ve been living in it
A city with no children in it


9. Hold me Down – Gin Blossoms

Well I guess I must have just been dreaming
When I thought I heard myself say no
Anyway it looks like no one heard me so here I go

10. Survival – Adult Mom

I set fires to abusers like a war

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