More feelings only writers will understand

Because you asked for it, more feelings that only writers will really understand

  • You consider your characters “friends” and have conversations in your head with them


So no one told you life was gonna be this way (clapclapclapclapclap)
  • You’re on your 5th revision and still pantsing away


  • You have a small crush on your main character


  • Someone asks you what genre you write in and because you’re vaguely ashamed of the answer, you lie and say “Upmarket Fiction”



  • You keep reading books instead of writing because you can’t quite capture the feeling you want and you’re hoping to get it right by osmosis


  • Your villain or protagonist is based on someone in real life


  • You spend six hours researching something that either doesn’t make its way into the book or only appears in one single line


  • Your character changes names six times during the course of the novel


  • You throw in a plot twist just to fuck with your readers
Eh.  It’s worked for some people
  • The feeling of frustration when you have constructed the perfect scene in your head but when you sit down to write it’s garbage


  • When you’re afraid to tell someone what your novel is about because they’ll “steal it” even though that is literally the dumbest thing ever


  • Your novel has inside jokes that no one but you is going to get

inside jokes.jpg

  • Your characters keep falling in love without consulting you first


  • Right before falling asleep you come up with the perfect line and then can’t remember it the next day


  • You actually write down the perfect line half-asleep and when you read it the next day it’s something like “The green grass was green, like Thursday, and grass-shaped”

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