The Best Songs of 2018

Originally I was going to make this a ranked list, but then I realized I wasn’t able to decide which song I liked the most.  2018 was a great year for songs, and specifically for female-led bands.

Fishbowl Head – RickoLus

What’s not to like about this song?  Catchy guitars, fun lyrics and a great hook in the chorus.

Pull Out Your Knives – Jeen

This song is all over the map and I effing love it.  It’s moody and upbeat at the same time.  The guitar combined with the vocals are wonderful.

Yachats – Tough on Fridays

I know I said I wasn’t going to pick favorites, but holy smokes, this one is close.  I’ve had entire days where I’ve had this song on repeat.

Miracle Man – AWOLNATION

My biggest complaint with this song is that I can’t listen to it loud enough to shatter concrete.  This song is the sonic equivalent of cocaine mixed with red bull.

Wrong – Pronoun

If you gathered every scientist who had ever lived, gave them unlimited time and money and told them to use their combined intellect to create the most perfect song ever written, the end result would be something almost as good as Wrong by Pronoun.


Write it on your Heart – Bad Bad Hats

If you gathered every scientist who had ever lived… oh wait, I did that one already?  Shit.  I may be out of bombastic statements to describe how good songs are, but stop what you’re doing right now and go listen to this because it’s wonderful.

Lukewarm – Plushgun

Simple, haunting lyrics coupled with brilliant vocal harmonies.  And a violin!

Bored – Oppenheimer

Okay, wait.  Shit.  This is probably my favorite of the year.  Or.. shit.  There are too many to pick from.

If nothing else, this is easily the most delightfully depressing lyrics of any song on this list.

So Down – Mother Mother

When Mother Mother is on, they’re untouchable and holy shit, are they ever on in this song. Try and come up with a better song.  I dare you.

Play Destroy – Poppy

This song is a little different than all the others on this list.  It’s still fantastic, but for sure a bit of a different vibe.

Deeper Than Blue – Plazas

I don’t think I understand one single word she’s saying in this song.  A++.  Would listen again.


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