I’m Michael James.  Hi.

I’m an emerging writing trying to figure out this whole “writing” thing.  Here’s answers to the most common questions I get:

Q: Are you published?
A: Nope

Q: What have you written?
A: I’ve written one full book and a number of short stories.

Q: What makes you qualified to dish out advice then? You’re as much an amateur as I am!
A: True! I’m not at all qualified to provide advice.

Q: Feels like there should be more to that answer.
A: I’m learning as I go. For example, I did a post on dialogue tags after I finished a whole bunch of research on the topic. Writing it in a blog helps me make sense of what I’m learning.

Q: Well, I think I shouldn’t take any advice from you.
A: Totally fine! It’s why I always try to show before / after for all the examples I post. You can decide for yourself if my advice is any good.

Q: Are you ever going to publish?
A: Maybe. TBD. Stay tuned. Etc.

Q: What can I find on this blog?
A: Writing advice, rah-rah inspiration, and random snippets of stuff that I’ve written.

Q: How much time do you spend writing?
A: About 20 hours a week. Maybe 5 – 8 on this blog and the rest working on real writing. Getting better (hopefully), working on book two and so on.

Q: What do you do for real life?
A: A pretty boring job that doesn’t make sense to people not in the industry.

Q: What industry is that?
A: Not writing, so don’t worry too much about it.

Q: Do you think I should get that spot on my arm checked out?
A: I do!  It’s been there for awhile and even though it’s not growing, better safe than sorry.

Q: How can I request future topics?
A: Leave a comment.


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