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Aliens and Ice Cream

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Aliens and Ice Cream


They’re everywhere. 

If you go outside, they’ll kill you. 
If you try to run, they’ll kill you. 

On an entirely normal summer day, the sky rips apart and aliens pour from the wound. Black, featureless pods, they are horrifying in their efficiency, killing anything that steps foot outside. Inexplicably, they don’t attack anyone indoors. 

No one knows where they came from, what they want and when—or if—they’ll go away. Matt Cutler wanted to spend Sunday with his family. Now, he’s trapped in a tree fort outside his house with his neighbor, Heather Keene, and his little sister Abby. 

They can’t go outside. 
They’re running out of water. 

If dehydration doesn’t kill them, the aliens will. 
But Matt thinks he’s figured out a way to save everyone… if the aliens don’t kill him first.

They Collapse Together

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Vain is not that different than other people.

She likes action movies, dumb jokes and her best friend, Roman. After all, she was a normal person, once. But that was a long time ago. Before she was taken to the Tower. Before a man named Arthur erased her memories and ruined her life.

Impossibly, she escapes the Tower and on the way out, steals Arthur’s prized possession: a magic padlock. Too bad she won’t have time to figure out what it does. Arthur’s private army, the group of duplicate murderers collectively known as ‘The Wyatts’, are much more likely to kill her first.

But Vain isn’t ready to give up. She meets Emma, a naive grad student as powerful as Arthur himself. With both Emma and the padlock, Vain might have a way to stop Arthur permanently. Maybe even get her life back. 

As Vain gathers the tools she needs, the forces of the Tower align against her. Brothers that can control minds. An Australian rodent that eats testicles. A staggeringly attractive man named Trick. 

Lots to juggle. But Vain has considered all of this.

And Vain always has a plan

The Tower doesn’t stand a chance

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